Fall is the Best Time to Start Something New

Fall has always been my favorite season. The weather is generally more stable, it’s cool enough to enjoy the outside but no so cold it requires multiple layers (at least in Coastal Virginia). Kids are back in school, there seems to be more routine to the days, and FOOTBALL (need I say more).

I firmly believe that Fall and especially October should really be the time you look for something new or dust off that thing you wanted to do.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs an Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Plan

What would happen to your business if you suddenly lost access to your files? If you couldn’t open for days or even weeks? We know that for most small businesses, this could be devastating. Up to 40% of all business that close, won’t reopen after a disaster. An additional 25%, won’t stay open for another year. Having a disaster recovery plan that is comprehensive and tested can ensure your business is still operational.

From personal emergencies for a soloprenuer to a natural disaster affecting

Elsbeth Thurston – The Rising Sisterhood Author; Book 3 – The Rising Sisterhood Book

The reason I chose to be part of this book and tell my story is because I know this is a common struggle. Part of my realization over the last few months is that my mental health is directly connected to how successful I perceive myself to be. I am my own worst critic and never have felt worthy enough for others.

Yet, if I can inspire just one woman to take a step back, to step into the truth that they are good enough just as they are, that would be amazing.

I have also always felt shame about